We provide Off Road Motorcycle Training by qualified instructors to all levels particularly to those who have never ridden a motorcycle or are new to Offroad Motorcycling. We can also provide selection of bikes and protective clothing.


One to One with own bike
£35 per hour

One to One with bike/clothing hire
£50 per hour

4 hour introduction to Trials with bike hire and protective clothing

4 HOUR OFF ROAD TASTER with introduction to basic off road riding skills and experience riding motocross, trials and enduro with bike hire and provision of protective clothing.
( 2 RIDERS PER SESSION) £120 each.

We will tailor all training to meet individual needs.

We also have the Dave Thorpe Honda Offroad Experience for those looking for longer sessions.

We can provide group sessions, including provision of bikes and clothing. Contact us for more details and we can discuss a suitable package.